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How to Adjust the Height of your Desk without Changing your Current Place in the Office?

In the corporate world, providing balanced space is the key to making your office design most effective. We are not saying this rather, new research has found that working people need a mix of open and individual space to promote both collaboration and personal productivity. They need movement within the office to thrive.

This study also finds that workers in open work environments are more active and experienced lower perceived stress at work as compared to workers in traditional cubicles. The workspace design in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, and Pune has crafted a functional role for itself, which is a breakpoint from its limited structural role in the past. Moving ahead to a sedentary lifestyle, growing work pressures, and lack of harmony between personal and professional lives, among other reasons, the health of corporate India has dived over the last decade. To refrain yourself from these pressures and deficiencies, you can change your simple desk into height adjustable desk without changing your current place in the office. 

Height adjustable desk for Managers

We excel in creating different products to promote wellness, encourage productivity and allow creativity to flourish. In which this height adjustable desk is the most prevailing. For instance, providing dedicated work spaces with suitable desk that enable movement—such as integrating Sit-Stand Workstations—can improve productivity by increasing physical activity and reducing stress.

Today’s workplaces must address organizational goals while simultaneously benefiting the health and well being of employees. Resources exist to make this easier. There should be no compromise in the well Building Standard that helps companies to make research-driven design choices that positively impact employees. It will not be exaggerating the things if we say that this approach allows companies to achieve other strategic initiatives.

We can help the managerial level candidate to avoid diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and other lifestyle-related disorders which are common amongst employees in the workplace sector today. This is why it has become vital for organizations to recognize the need for creating a ‘well being-focused workplace’.

So, let's switch from conventional desk to height adjustable desk at the office. Bring today at your office and create a culture of movement. Just in one touch, you can adjust the height of this table accordingly. Its fully extended height is up to 123mm, along with the weight capacity of 80kg. Apart from this, we are also providing the cable management shelf that can hide cable clutter for the improvement of the organisation and its aesthetics.

Why should you choose a height adjustable desk over other desks?

  • Quality – The height adjustable desk is made up of the high quality of materials like heavy-duty steel and aluminium, 3D laminate, and all tested against the strictest industry standards.
  • Usability – It is ready to use without any assembly – simply remove them from the box and enjoy your active office. If it requires light assembly, we include any tools you might need in the box, so nothing slows you down.
  • Convenience – It is effortless to order, ships quickly. We ensure hassle free installation within 48 hours of shipment reaching the address. There are no additional charges for shipping & installation throughout India.

The bottom line?

Don’t be binary! Despite thinking of maintaining the sitting culture at your office, prevail the culture of movement in your IT work spaces by using the sit-stand desk and ergonomic monitor arms, access to natural lighting and clean air, and even live plants. Initiate the process of creating an environment that has a positive impact on employee health will transcend trends in workplace design while encouraging people to work at their highest potential.
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