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Electric Sit Stand Desk, Back to Back
Electric Sit Stand Desk, Back to Back
Electric Sit Stand Desk, Back to Back

Electric Sit Stand Desk, Back to Back

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Sitting all day is killing you. It is time to switch from conventional desk to Purpleark's electric sit stand desk with Back to Back orientation. At its fully extended height it measures 1280mm, along with weight capacity of 125kg per desk.


  • Easy-to-use Press Controller: makes height adjustment easy
  • Motor is thermal and overload protected for safety and longevity
  • Strong lifting power with low noise level
  • Switched mode power supply for energy and power efficiency
  • Cable Management: keeps everything organised
  • Gyro-Current Collision Avoidance System: improved sensing technology to detect soft & hard objects better.
  • Programmable height range: Customises the min and max height settings to accommodate the objects around you, such as under desk cabinets or storage units
  • Three Stage Standard Column: offers more adjustability
  • Standard tabletop size: 1400 x 750mm (Accomodate sizes 1100~2200mm & 700~750mm)
  • Tabletop thickness: 25mm
  • Weight capacity: 125Kg x 2
  • Height range: 620-1280mm (660mm)
  • Column segments: 3 stage column
  • Frame orientation: Back to Back or Shared
  • Adjustable feet pad: Yes
  • Power input: 100-240v
  • Max speed: 38mm/s
  • Control panel type: Button control panel
  • Time reminder: Yes
  • IP Grade: IP20
  • Warranty: 3 Years for electrical & functional mechanical parts

Tabletop colors: Teak, Walnut, White & Pine

Frame Color: White

Installation & Shipping

  • Purpleark ensures hassle free installation within 48 hrs of shipment reaching the address. 
  • Nominal charges for shipping & Installation.

Other Info

  • Purpleark is a one stop solution in providing the complete product (height adjustable frames & wooden tabletop), Shipping & Installation.
  • We provide height adjustable frame with or without wooden tabletop.