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Sit stand desk for healthy Lifestyle

Sitting is the new smoking

Sedentary work life leads to lifestyle related diseases

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Sit Stand Desks


Why Purpleark?

#Using actuators from Best company in the world (Europe imported - Linak)

#5 Year warranty on the actuators from Linak

#Weight carrying capacity of 160kg, the best in the industry

#Shipping complete product including height adjustable frame & tabletop.

#Shipping at nominal charges

#Installation at reasonable charges

#Immediate product delivery

#All International quality products

Sit stand desk components

Lifting column

It is a low noise electric column allowing smooth adjustment of the desk and optimal for parallel drive. This upside down column is sturdy and requires no crossbar, leaving you with design freedom.


Control Box

From a design perspective, the control box is more intuitive. It has plugs for connection of the legs in each end of the box and it is equipped with cable grooves at the bottom making it easy to lead and hide motor cables from one side of the desk to the other.

It requires low standby power (<0.1W), PVC-free, and low-noise performance.


Desk Panel

This is an elegant and compact desk panel for height adjustable desk. It comes with soft buttons intuitively placed and can control up to 3 references.
This is a perfect choice for a wide range of desks and workstations with a demand for either just up and down drive or up, down and memory.




The office environment in India is changing rapidly. Organizations are taking noble step to put their employees’ health first. Join the movement to redefine your office environment by ordering our sit stand desks.

Why wait? For adjustable standing desks in India, call us for bulk deals & customization to meet your office needs.

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Working from Home? No worries.

Go ahead and order your health by ordering our sit stand desks online.

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Brand with deep concern for social cause

As an organisation we feel responsible to deliver innovative & premium quality products to our customers to advance their lifestyle.

On the same line, we feel equally responsible to help underprivileged kids (poor, orphans & having terminal disease) to live a quality life with necessary education. 

So, every product you purchase from us, you are donating a bit to the kids well being. So, go ahead and support the kids!

Brand Purpleark

Through innovation and excellence, we are committed to advance lifestyle by providing office & home desk solutions keeping human ergonomics in mind.

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