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Sit Stand Desks

Sit Stand Desks: Introducing the Sit Stand Desk  in India which can be used in the home as well as in the office. This height standing workstation can easily be converted from sitting to a standing position.

Sitting for more than eight hours can put a person at risk of having cardiovascular disease compared to those who sit for less than 4 hours. So the only solution for this problem is using of height adjustable standing desks. This height adjustable sit-stand mobile workstation enables you to change frequently between a seated working position to a standing one easily. There are bunches of advantages of utilizing these sit stand desks when compared to normal desks. Research additionally demonstrates that standing for a couple of hours for the duration of the day can build efficiency; influence you to feel healthier and more engaged.

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Standing Desk Converter: With our launch of stand up desk in India we give you the advantage of sit-stand life style without allowing you to completely overhaul your own setup. Sit stand Standing Desk Converters are the product that are placed on a table or attached to desk. It allows individuals to stand while they work. Moving and changing positions can burn calories, improve blood circulation and can perk up your overall personal health. Within seconds you can rise up and lower down. You also will be able to add accessories like keyboard tray, monitor arm, and laptop mount. And with these growing ergonomic accessories you will surely get more comfort at your workstation. 

Purpleark is one of the best and leading designers of modular office furniture in Delhi, India. We aim to put an end to unhealthy work environments so that individuals suffer less. We make great efforts to bring exclusive range of designer office furniture for our customers. Our exclusive range of products include Electric Sit Stand Desk, Manual Sit Stand Desk, and Stand Desk Converter.