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4 Reasons you should get Mobile workstation for your Hospital

Mobile workstation is the innovation and replacement for the stationary work. For making the life easier for front-line physicians and nurses at hospitals, implementation of technology and devices in healthcare is important. Mobile workstation can be the alternative to stationary workstation that improve the workflow and productivity for hospital staff, helps in maintaining electronic medical records, less spread of infection, modification, assist in the progress of creation and makes the best use of infrastructure too. Since the invention of mobile workstation 95% of hospitals and 50% of office based practices have adapted the innovation in their operations meaningfully. In UK, it’s rapidly becoming common.

Here are few reasons you should get mobile workstation for your hospital:

Increases workflow and productivity

Mobile workstation, for sure optimize workflow and productivity of frontline staff that help upgrade the infrastructure level. Nurses who conduct patients check up using mobile workstation can update the documentation and records then and there itself, rather than going back to stationary workstation in between patients. Increase in productivity of 30 minutes by each staff member can make a huge difference at the hospital.

It facilitate patient documentation

Electronic medical records are becoming the hospital and other industries standard to improve documentation processes. Nurses might do transcription errors when recording the written notes on stationary and that’s why mobile workstations are the nest means of facilitating documentation and avoid disastrous errors that might cause big problems in the lives of patients.

Mobile workstation prevents infections

Prevention from infections is the priority in hospitals. Mobile workstations are the best tools to decrease the spread of germs. Stationary workstation might turn out to be biased, once nurse leave them to visit another patient.  Mobile workstations can be kept cleaned and disinfectant easily and works greatly for nurses who see many patients daily. It ensures each patient is protected from spread of infection.

Necessity for Hospital infrastructure

New changes will require mobile components to fully bring innovations and utmost use of abilities. Hospitals with good technology allow doctors, nurses and therapists to consult those records instantly. But, are you looking for the platform for great mobile workstation? Purpleark is the best choice where you can get equipped cart with adjustable height system to offer maximum comfort. Black steel or aluminium material mobile workstation can be used in offices, hospitals or another professional location.

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