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5 Reasons for rise in popularity of Standing Desk Across the world

Standing desks have gained popularity over the past few years and have become an integral part of large organizations across the world. However, given the current lockdown situation, there is a rise in demand for standing desks as professionals try to create a formal work desk at home. Standing desks add ease and flexibility to the work environment.

Here are the top 5 reasons for the increase in the popularity of standing desks.

Rise in obesity 

There is a significant rise in cases of obesity across the world and the best way to beat it is by standing at the desk. Most of us spend long hours sitting on the desk at work. This leads to an increase in calories and ultimately, obesity. When you remain seated at the desk for 6 to 8 hours every day, it will have an impact on your health. Standing desks can help burn calories without exercise. Standing lowers the risk of weight gain.

Less time for workouts

None of us have managed to stick our New Year resolution of working out at least thrice in a week. This is where standing desks make all the difference. You do not have the time for a workout and you can burn calories by simply standing at your desk daily. You can burn about 170 additional calories by simply standing at the desk.

Promotes creativity

Research has shown that standing desks can promote creativity and bring out the best in you. It will improve productivity and will also have a positive impact on your mood. If you are struggling with new ideas, now is the time to move to a standing desk and see the difference.

Corrects posture

Have you ever noticed the amount of time you spend slouching on the chair? Most of us who sit at the desk never pay attention to the posture and it has a huge impact in the long term. There are several harmful impacts of sitting like diabetes and heart condition. Instead, when you stand at the desk, you have the right posture and can improve your health. It also reduces the risk of back and shoulder pain.

Increased concentration and focus 

Standing desks can help improve your focus and concentration. Sitting at a desk after lunch can not only affect your health but will also affect your concentration. If you find it hard to concentrate on work, stand up and notice the difference. Studies have shown that standing desks can lead to increased focus and high productivity of employees.

Now is the time to take a stand and choose what is right for your health. With a standing desk, you will notice an improvement in your mood, increased productivity, and better health and well being. If you cannot step out for a workout daily, opt for a standing desk to improve your health and burn extra calories. With increasing work hours, it is best to spend your time standing instead of sitting. Standing meetings and conferences can indeed be a lot of fun!

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