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5 Things You Experience After Shifting To a Standing Desk

If you still haven’t made your New Year resolution, consider switching to a standing desk, which involves enhancing your overall well being. Standing desks are a growing trend in today’s work space. Many people who have office-based jobs spend the maximum hours in their office sitting down. So, this is a big issue because a lazy lifestyle contributes to several health problems incorporating the risk of heart disease and diabetes. After moving to a standing desk, you may have some queries and concerns. But when you see the results, you will never wish to go back to a regular desk again.

5 Potential Experiences after Switching To a Standing Desk

At present, more and more organizations have begun offering standing desks as a way for enhancing the overall well being of employees, increasing productivity, and encouraging collaboration. Here, we have discussed particularly 5 possible productivity and health advantages that you encounter after switching to a standing desk!

1. Improved concentration

10 minutes of sitting can affect your circulation, whereas 10 minutes of standing increases your focus. Maximum employees who lessened their sitting time by only 1 hour daily reported enhanced mental concentration all over the day. When you concentrate more, you can work more proficiently and get more done.

2. High energy level

According to studies, people who used a standing desk reported feeling less exhausted and less stressed than those who sat down for the entire day. Being inactive and lazy increases the risk of anxiety and depression, but standing desks may eliminate feelings of fatigue and stress while increasing energy levels.

4. Reduced tension on the lower back

Some people suffer from some serious lower back pain. Exercising daily definitely helps their lower back, but reducing the sitting entirely can reduce tension on their lower back completely. Office employees who spend maximum time daily sitting sometimes complain of lower back pain, but different studies have showcased that using standing desks can dramatically eliminate tension on the lower back that comes with sitting down for a long time.

Improved posture

A standing desk helps you enhance your posture by training your back for staying straight with the shoulders pulled back. By restricting the time amount you spend on sitting and by concentrating on movement through changing your postures using a standing desk, you can lessen strain and pain while raising your comfort levels at work.

Increase in productivity

According to studies, people who used a standing desk found no bad effects on productivity. Pondering the use of a standing desk can increase energy levels and enhance mood and it may help boost your productivity as well.


So, the aforementioned 5 things can be encountered if you switch to a standing desk. Several studies have been clear regarding one thing that is long hours of sitting are associated with some kinds of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, shorter life, and obesity. Thereby, it makes sense that standing would prevent such risks. Nevertheless, studies have not still been done to either proving or disproving such assumptions.

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