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5 Tips how interior Designers can convince Purchase heads to get Standing Desk in their Office

Innovations and modernization brings positivity!

Many recent studies have proved that employees increased their productivity by 46% when provided with standing desks as compared to stationary desks. The interior designers can incorporate standing desk along with monitor arm to promote a clean design in the office. Standing Desk also provides an impetus to health as it helps in burning calories and prevent various muscoskeletal diseases.

Follow the crowd for good

Joining the league of advancement in offices, many companies from start-ups to large companies like Facebook and Google are offering standing desks to employees. This brings a positive change in environment and motivates employees to work more efficiently. Young and Dynamic start-ups are embracing the shift towards height adjustable desks and are following the leaders in this health revolution. The Purpleark’s standing desk is one such product that has captured the interest of many leading MNC’s and Start-ups and have been proud to associate with many big names in the industry.

Increase creativity and decrease stress

Sitting for hours can be painful and cripple the creativeness out there in your mind. That’s a fact, nobody wants to work in stressful job and for all this, standing desks is the solution. Many artist, painters and person in creative arts prefer standing than sitting.

No more sick days

Numerous reasons are given every day for not turning up to work and most common are back pains, body pain and so on. A standing desk not only turn all these sick days into productive days but also help employees improve postures and make them healthy.

Great environment speaks all

An appealing office interiors can greatly enhance the mood of employees and guests alike at the office. This is the reason companies invest a huge amount to get that theme and design right so that it brings people back to work and influences positivity all over the office. Standing desk can greatly enhance your office interiors as it saves space and promotes productivity along with eliminating risk of serious illnesses. Purpleark’s standing desk makes sure to keep your employees health at first and rest at the end. Healthy employee is way better than the sick employee.


Its evident that standing desk are great for your health as well as your office design language as it eliminates and de clutter your office. It also attracts employees attention and motivates him to work better and in process stay healthy.

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