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5 Ways to Make your Home Office Workstation more Functional

Your home office has become the designated space for managing work or business. With remote work becoming the new norm, your home office is the place where you spend the majority of your time. It is no longer just a nook for paying bills or preparing your schedule, it has become a place where you make all the decisions, work, collaborate and a place where you will want to burn the midnight oil. Your home office is a place that should be comfortable and reflect your personality.

Here are different ways you can make the area more functional.


Most of us spend long hours in the home office and it should be a place that is not stiff on space. Do not try to squish a small desk into a guest room. Consider traffic flow and distractions. If you often feel distracted and cannot focus, you should plan your office in a quiet space.

Choose form and function

The shelves, desk, and storage should work for you and not the other way round. You should consider the workflow and the items you need at all times. Consider investing in these items to make the place functional and aesthetically pleasing. You should invest in furniture that blends well with the other rooms in the house. If the home has a traditional theme, you should have soft and warm wood and comfortable chairs to sit in. You can also invest in a standing desk to save space and improve productivity.

Choose the right accessories

Include all the accessories that enhance productivity and bring creativity. If you are used to having sticky notes, a pencil holder, or a notepad at your fingertips, arrange them in your home office. Choose a desk that has adequate space for all the accessories you need. It will enable you to function without any interruption and you will be able to perform at your best.

Organize well

It is important to use the available space more efficiently. Use floating shelves on the walls to organize the papers and equipment. This way, it will remain at an arm’s length and will be off the desk. You can also use vertical folders on the desk to keep the papers safe. If you often make piles, you can get a good basket to tame the notes, mail, and papers. For those who prefer a clean desktop, set aside a drawer for the important papers, and use wooden cube storage as an alternative to bookshelves.

Master technology

There is not a lot you can do to beautify the printer, computer, and phone, but you can hide the unsightly cords. Ensure that the equipment is near the outlets and easy to access whenever you need to. You can encase the respective cords in a cord cover and put them into a metal cap that will guide the cords from a hole in the desk.

Use these five ways to make the workstation more functional and efficient. Ensure that there is plenty of light to cut down on eye strain.

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