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A Guide To Every Type Of Sit-Stand Desk

Choosing whether to stand or sit at work can make a huge difference in how you feel mentally and physically. If you have the choice, choose to stand. The simple movement will activate your muscles and raise your heart rate. It can also help burn some calories while stimulating the mind. Standing at work can allow for enhanced focus, high creativity, and confidence. If you think that there are not many options for standing desks, you are wrong. There are various types of sit-stand desks for you to consider. Whether you are working from the office or home.

Type of sit-stand desk for you:

Sit-stand platforms 

Suitable to be placed over the top of your existing worktops, the platform gives an adjustable work surface. You can use them conveniently in a sitting or standing position. It works as a practical, low-cost solution. You will not have to remove the current desk or worry about spending a huge amount of money on the sit-stand desk. If you are not sure whether you will get used to the standing desk, consider the platform. It is popular for professionals who work from home and is available in a range of sizes. If you work with heavy equipment including dual monitors, a tablet, or an extra laptop, invest in a large-sized platform. The platform is available in two types- portable and cascade. The portable platform can be conveniently stored and you can carry it between different desks or rooms. It is light in weight and is cost- efficient. Another option is a cascade that has a slope at the back panel right between the top and bottom tier. You can rest the books and documents here for increased productivity. If you work with a lot of reference papers or documents, use a cascade- style desk. Both work perfectly well with your current desk.

Manual adjustment desks

For those who prefer to have a height adjustable desk, choose the large sit-stand desk. It has a manual adjustment and electric adjustment. The manual adjustment desk has a handle that will swiftly move the desk up or down to adjust to your height. It brings complete benefits at a low cost. There are different types of finishes you can choose from. It also comes with an inbuilt cable system, adding convenience and ease of use.

Electric desks

On an electric desk, you can adjust the workstation just the way you like it. It has a push-button using which you can smoothly and conveniently raise or drop the desk to your preferred height. Some desks also have accessories that you can use to set timers or count calories.

Corner cut desks

Not everyone has a large office or space for a large desk at the home office. This is where you can use the corner cut sit-stand desk. It can easily fit into room corners and allow you to make the most of the wasted space. The desks also help increase productivity and enjoy ergonomics. If you often move between handwriting and typing, you can sit at one angle where you swivel between both the tasks with ease.

Bench system desks

Organizations buying desks for the entire office can consider a bench sit-stand desk as an effective solution. The desks are stylish and can be configured to the office as per your preferences. They keep the area neat and compact. Bench system desks have a common frame but they can be operated individually and the staff can decide whether to sit or stand as per their preferences.

Monitor and arm raisers

A smaller-sized solution if you are short on space. You do not need to invest in a large-sized desk but you can easily buy arms and monitor raisers. It is a height-adjustable portable desk that can be carried around in your home or office. It will support your laptop at a normal standing height through several tilt adjustments. The sit-stand desk folds down for quick and convenient storage when not required. The monitor arm can give the right platform for the mouse and keyboard, this allows you to stand up and work for short periods of time. It is perfect for collaborative spaces.

Exercise standing desks

The final type is the exercise standing desk which is a highly ambitious way to include exercise in your workday. If your goal is to exercise, a bike or a standing desk treadmill can be a good option. The unit is designed with a walking treadmill that has an LCD touchscreen for control when walking and working. It is adjustable and you can lower or raise the desk. This way, you can find the right ergonomic position while adjusting the desk height. You can also exercise while you work.

These are the different types of sit-stand desk options for you to consider. Before you zero in on a desk, you must identify your needs. Look at the number of monitors you need or the accessories you use. Set out a budget for the desk and shortlist the ones that fit your needs. The sit-stand desks do not cost a bomb and can be purchased within your budget. The desks are high quality, sturdy, and easy to use. They will not need a replacement for a long time to come and will improve your productivity.

Studies have shown that standing at work can benefit you in several ways. It has a positive impact on your health and wellbeing and will ensure that you focus better. Several organizations have replaced the traditional desks with sit-stand desks and it is time you do the same. Prioritize your health and look for desks that work best for you. Adjustable height desks are an ideal option if you want to get started on the journey. You can adjust the height of the desk as per your preferences.

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