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Are You Thinking to Renovate Your Office to Make it Employee-Friendly? Here are Some Assets that You Must Have at Your Office

An office renovation is a perfect opportunity to turn an uninspiring space into something that not only impresses visitors but also drives staff members to come up with new innovative ideas for the company. An office renovation amplifies the aesthetics of the company. Executing a successful office renovation can turn out to a difficult task without having an overall vision whether you’re moving into a new office or your current one is in dire need of a facelift.

We are very much aware that the benefits of a blended workforce also pose a challenge to office design. Paired with their fast-paced and on-demand mind-set, younger generations look for more freedom and variety in their workspace, while Baby Boomers may feel more comfortable with familiarity and routine. This is somewhat relevant in the evolution of office design. If we talk about the previous years, then the office layouts used to consist private offices and large desks. Then came the wave of center office cubicles with natural lighting reserved for corner office executives. But in the current regime, companies embracing open-office designs and forming the collaborative workspaces along with the sit-stand desks.

While open areas and shared workspaces have appeal, it’s a trend that favours one work-style over another. For many workers, the open concept office acts as a distraction that hinders productivity. To design a multi-generational workplace, it needs to have a mix of private, dedicated workspaces, collaboration spaces, café- style temporary workspaces and lots of meeting rooms with proper standing and sitting desks. Of course, this type of blended approach will address the needs of some workers to have consistency and peace, while others can opt for variety and background noise.

Reassessing business needs helps expose new areas of concern, like the health issues that workers face when dealing with poor ergonomics and too much sitting. The excessive sitting may further cause too many diseases. To prevent yourself from this problem, people adopt sit-stand workstations- one of the easiest ways for businesses to introduce non-disruptive low-level activity into the heart of the workday.

ajustable desk stand

There are several benefits of sit-stand desks in the workplace extended across generations, unlike some office programs and interventions. On the other hand, older generations have been resistant to engage in wellness programs. Research shows that this age group represents the early adopters of sit-stand solutions – whether via pilot programs through their place of business or to help manage their existing health concerns. For the younger generations, sit-stand computing offers a proactive way to achieve a healthier work-life long term.

All You Need to take a Blended Approach to Office Design

Design is not only a tactic for recruiting the next generation of talent. But it is something that should be evaluated regularly to ensure it equally supports wellness, engagement and productivity. Simply, choose the functional design that supports employees’ well-being as it’s undeniably a corporate responsibility to care for employees.

It will not be exaggerating the things if we say that meaningful work happens when employees are happy and healthy. In the world of cut-throat competition, employees from all walks of life are looking to join companies that offer a wide range of experiences and a blended approach when it comes to their well-being. So, provide them height adjustable desk in your office. Prevail the culture of movement that will ultimately enhance their productivity and wellness. We also have an anti-fatigue desk that will release the office fatigue of your IT employees just by standing on it.

We have a wide range of height adjustable sit-stand desk that will add a cherry to your office. Here, the biggest challenge is trying to accommodate their varying need for optimal work settings. Bridging the significant differences between them with effective workplace strategies is critical to producing a healthy, productive and competitive work environment that companies can sustain through the years.

In a nutshell, cultivating a healthy environment on a larger scale is possible when companies create a dynamic workspace that reflects the diversity, and often the similarities, of their workforce. So, hurry up! What are you waiting for?

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