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Benefits Of Adjustable Height Standing Desk Compared With Fixed Standing Desk

It is a well-known fact that prolonged sitting at the office is as bad as smoking. It has a negative impact on your mental and physical health. There is increasing popularity of standing desks across the world and several employers use standing desks as an incentive to attract and retain employees. If you want to ensure that your professional life does not have a long term impact on your health and wellbeing, switch to a standing desk at the earliest.

There are two types of standing desks available in the market- adjustable height standing desk and fixed standing desk. Before you make a purchase, understand the difference between the two and choose one that perfectly fits your needs.

Two types of standing desks:

Adjustable height standing desk

As the name suggests, an adjustable height standing desk will allow you to adjust the height of the desk as per your needs and convenience. If there are multiple users of the desk, you can easily adjust the height and ensure that it is comfortable for your use. You can conveniently raise and lower the desktop.

Fixed standing desk

This desk will remain at a single height for all and does not lower to seated height. It has minimal adjustability for different users and ergonomics. If there are different users, this desk might not be comfortable. It is a cheaper option but does not allow you to alter the height. The desk usually requires either a laptop or a secondary computer to be used effectively. You might also need a second work area to sit in. It is not ideal for long term use and may not offer the expected comfort and convenience.

Benefits of an adjustable height standing desk over fixed standing desk

Convenient to set up and use

When it comes to the desk, you need to ensure your comfort and convenience. If the desk is uncomfortable and does not fit according to your height, it will not lead to productivity. With an adjustable height desk, you will be able to adjust it as per your needs and preferences.

Ideal for multiple users

If you are looking for a desk that can be used by different people in your home, it is best to opt for an adjustable height standing desk. This way, the desk can be easily adjusted according to the height of the user and you will no longer need to invest in different desks for different people at the organization or home.

Reap all the benefits of a standing desk

The idea behind using a standing desk is to ensure good health and wellbeing. It has a direct impact on your health and productivity. However, if the height of the desk is not suitable for your requirement, it will cause harm to your neck, wrists, and lower back. This is where an adjustable height standing desk makes all the difference. It can be set up according to your needs.

A standing desk has long-lasting health benefits and you might have to pay more for an adjustable height desk but it is worth your money!

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