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Best Practices Of Using A Standing Desk

The standing desk has transformed the way we work. It has become a preferred choice of several organizations across the world and is considered an ideal tool for better health and wellbeing. Whether you are working from home or office, a standing desk can make a huge difference to your performance and physical health.

Let us take a look at the best practices of using a standing desk.

Monitor placement

You need to keep the monitor at the length of your arm and the screen right above the eye level in order to make the most of a standing desk. You also need to keep a bright source of light on the side. If you are used to having two monitors for work, you will have to keep them close to each other and at the right angle.

Keyboard placement

The keyboard and mouse are an important part of the monitor and they should be on the same surface and both need to be close enough to the elbows. When you type, the wrists should be straight and the upper arms need to be close to the body. If the keyboard is too far, it will cause strain on your wrists.

Height adjustment 

The standing desk should be placed at the right height. It should not be too high neither too low. You need to adjust the height keeping your height in mind. The monitor should be eye level and your wrists should feel comfortable whenever you type. If you feel discomfort, you need to adjust the height immediately.

Right posture

When you use a standing desk, your neck, legs, head and torso should be in one line. You can use the footrest to shift the weight between feet until you get used to the desk. The right posture will have several benefits on your health in the long term. Slumped shoulders are unavoidable for those who are used to sitting at the office for long hours. Hence, whenever you switch to the standing desk, it will be slightly difficult with the posture in the initial days. Take a few seconds to focus on the shoulders and move them forward and backward.

Standing desks have several benefits on the physical and mental health but it will take some time to get used to it. Make it a point to take short breaks and take a stroll around the room. Do not keep standing for long hours right from the start. You can begin with 20 minutes on the first day and then increase the time. If placed in the right manner, standing desks can make a huge difference to your posture and wellbeing. However, do not compromise on the comfort. Adjust the height, monitor and keyboard until you find it comfortable and convenient. Choose the right type of desk for your use. Height adjustable desks are highly efficient and are ideal for those who are only starting on using the standing desks. It will add comfort and convenience in your life.

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