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Change your Desk for the sake of good health

Do you find yourself gauging an interviewee’s physical fitness more than their skill in the job specified? Of course, healthier employees take fewer sick leaves, but if you are worried about the frequent complaints about back pain and neck pain among your employees, maybe something has to be changed around the office, and it is not the employees.

Yes, you know what we are talking about, the office furniture. You might have bought the chairs keeping in mind the comfort of your employees, but what about the desks? The chair and the desk need to be in sync to ensure the right posture for every person.

Adjustable Desks for every need

Height adjustable chair with a rigid desk does not do the trick. The desk has to be at eye level for every individual while they are sitting. Adjusting the chair does not always make the cut because the chair needs to stop moving up once your legs are in the comfortable position. This is why you need a height adjustable desk to make up for the difference. This will help short stature people, people with chronic back pain, pregnant employees, employees with injuries, and other such people who cannot always sit straight up no matter how diligent they are at work.

What about when you stand?

Very few people think about the desk adjustment when they are standing. A desk is typically needed to be something when you sit. But if you think about it, people are standing at somebody’s desk for at least 30% of the time they work. This is a fact in case of team leaders, supervisors, and people in such positions where they have to look over other employee’s computers.

We sit at our own desk for a longer time but the little time we spend bending over somebody else’s desk, massively contributes to our lower back pain. This is why offices need a sit stand mobile workstation so that the desk can be adjusted to match the eye level of the person sitting at the desk, and the person standing right beside.

Convenient Technology

Think about a desk that can be manually adjusted to suit your eye level without needing the strength of a buff man. Think of a desk that can be adjusted via electric buttons. Purpleark brings the most convenient designs to life for every office space and home workstation.

Even a child can re-adjust the desk without assistance. All you need to do is teach them the mechanism. The mechanism is simple and involves just a few steps. You can convert your office desk into your child’s study table in less than a minute.

We’ve thought about everything

Be it an office space or the workstation at home, be it for a child or for an adult, be it for someone lazy or someone who has recently been injured, Purpleark offers ergonomic desks to ensure there is enough leg room for anybody and the height of the desk can be adjusted to suit a child sitting or an adult standing.

These sit stand desks are the future of every household, every office space, and even more. They do not take too much space. They are compact, light, yet durable. So, you can fit them into a small office space, or in that little corner of your living room, and let even the most careless person use it. These desks can fit anywhere. They can be pushed around by anybody, and they will last for years before you need to start thinking about replacing them.

Be kind to your employees and replace your office desks with Purpleark’s height adjustable desks. Be kind to your own back and get one for your office and home as well.