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Complete your fitness goals while still at work. Get Standing desk Now

Standing desks gained popularity several years back and users hoped that the furniture item would help them achieve their fitness goals. The desks added to the sophistication and elegance of the office while helping professionals remain fit and healthy. You can achieve your fitness goals despite the nine-to-fives. Research shows that people who use standing desks do burn more calories throughout the day than those who do not. You burn an additional of 170 calories daily when you use standing desks and this means 1000 calories a week.

In hectic work life, time to exercise is less

No matter how many resolutions we make, there is always some or the other reason due to which we never follow the fitness resolution. In hectic work life, there is minimal time to exercise. Professionals are working long hours and by the time you are done with the day, it is too late and you are too tired to exercise. There is a lot to do over the weekend and ultimately, there is not enough time to exercise. This is where a standing desk makes all the difference. When you work by simply standing on your feet all day, it is as good as exercise. It will burn calories, and lead to weight loss.

It improves posture

Standing desks can improve your posture. When you spend long hours sitting on the desk, it has an impact on the posture which can lead to other health issues like back pain. Standing desks can have an overall impact on your well being and will also increase your productivity.

Improves energy level

Standing desks have a positive influence on well-being. In a study, participants using standing desks had less stress than those who remain seated all day at work. Standing desks will ensure that you enjoy high energy and vigor throughout the day. Your overall mood will improve and your well being will be positively affected. Individuals who spend long hours sitting on the desk have a higher risk of anxiety and depression.

Sitting can result in lower back issues

Back pain is a common complaint of office workers who remain seated all day. Several studies have shown that employees have long term back pain issues when they remain seated throughout the day. With a standing desk, you will have lower back issues because of improved posture and high blood circulation. You will notice a change in your health only in a couple of weeks of using a standing desk.

Standing desks have several benefits on the health of individuals and it is time to make a decision to move towards desks that are aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for every employee. There are many other benefits of using standing desks including better productivity, reduced risk of diabetes and low risk of heart-related diseases. Top organizations in the world have made a shift towards standing desks and it is time for you to do the same.

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