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Create Enthusiasm And Creativity In The Classroom With Height Adjustable Desks

The traditional classroom lectures aren’t just full of boredom, they are ineffective too. Many professional courses like engineering, doctorate, CA, and many other courses require more than 18 hours of studies in a week. This is the minimum study time required to clear the above-mentioned professional courses. The students have to constantly sit at one place and concentrate on lectures and post classroom sessions they continue with the self-study in the libraries of the institutes/colleges. 

Many types of research were performed on the approach of teaching and fun element in the science, technology, engineering, and maths classroom sessions.

The proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that different teaching approaches and creativity turned students into active participants rather than passive listeners. It also reduced failure rates and boosted the exam scores by almost one-half a standard deviation - this analysis was published online to create awareness.

What you should be doing to add the creativity in the boring classroom session and create an enthusiastic environment?  

The students can not dance or play sports in the midst of the classroom session to keep their mind attentive, rather you can have a height-adjustable desk for your classrooms.

What is this height-adjustable desk concept and How it will help in creativity in the classroom?  

The height-adjustable desks can be positioned at any height in between your sitting and standing position. The students can use the desk in a dual way while sitting and standing, they are very flexible and easily adjustable as the requirement of the students.

Where to get this height-adjustable desk? 

This height-adjustable desk falls in the category of ergonomic furniture - Purpleark (A ergonomic Furniture Company) - the Gurgaon based company in India is a pioneer in bringing height adjustable desk solutions to the Indian market, that provides designed standing desk keeping in mind the concept of “create enthusiasm and creativity in the classroom”. Get this desk for your institute and attract a larger number of students to your institute/college/university.

Many multinational companies like Microsoft have adopted the concept of standing desk for their employees in order to improve the productivity and creativity of their employees. However, the popularity or demand of these desks outside the corporate environment is still in its early stage of development but still, the trend seems to be picking up the pace.

To know more about the height-adjustable desks, you can refer to the official website of the company - Purpleark ( - They cater to both home and corporate clients.

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