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Cut down risk of Heart diseases by getting electric height adjustable desk

It is a well-known fact that sitting on the desk for long hours is not beneficial for your health and your waist. Heart disease is the largest cause of death across the world. In India, it has risen sharply. The key factor causing heart diseases and stroke are minimal or no physical activity, poor diet, diabetes, and a stressful lifestyle. The best way to improve your health and well being while at work is to get an electric height adjustable desk. An electric height adjustable desk has a simple controller and allows height adjustment.

There are numerous benefits of using the desk, as discussed below.

Burning more calories

Studies have shown that you can burn calories by using an electric height adjustable desk. You burn calories by simply standing at your desk! One study has shown that standing can burn 88 calories per hour. This means 440 calories in 5 hours! Even if you do not have a regular workout schedule, standing at the desk can do the job for you. It also boosts productivity and increases concentration. You will not only notice a significant difference in your health but you will also see an increase in performance and productivity.

Better blood circulation across the body

Your body is designed to stand and not sit. When you stand, it strengthens the leg muscles and will improve balance. It will also burn more calories than sitting. When you sit for long hours, the blood flow will slow down through the legs and this is why it is advised to get up from the desk every few hours. Sluggish blood flow could set the stage for a blood clot and it could lead to long term problems in your health. On the contrary, standing at the desk will push blood upward toward the heart and will increase blood circulation across the body. When you stand at the desk, you are not in a stagnant position. There is some movement in your legs every couple of minutes and this leads to an improvement in the blood circulation in the body.

Less chances of muskoskeletal pain

When you change from a sedentary position to an electric height adjustable desk, you change posture and exert large muscle groups in the legs that pump blood throughout the musculoskeletal system. It will reduce the pain and will allow you to perform the job without affecting your productivity. When you have standing desks, it reduces the chances of back pain and will have a limited impact on your neck, shoulders, and back. It also reduces the chance of  heart disease.

It can be correctly said that standing desks have a lot of positive effects on health and body. Well-known organizations across the world have adopted electric height adjustable desks to improve the health of their employees and to have a positive effect on productivity. When you make a move from sitting all day to standing all day, you do notice some positive changes in your mood, concentration and well being.

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