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Does Your Workplace Need an Ergonomic Assessment?

Poor ergonomics at the place of work could lead to musculoskeletal disorders which are injuries related to the nerves, joints, muscles, spinal discs, and cartilage. Such disorders or injuries can take a very long time to heal and they could also take up a lot of your money. If you are not sure whether your workplace is ergonomically organized, you need to opt for an ergonomic assessment.

An ergonomic assessment helps identify the ergonomic risks to the workplace. It is only conducted by professionals. The assessment will throw light on issues from bad workstations to the equipment and posture. It will provide information about the working environment in general. It involves various parts of the workstation including the equipment used by the employees and the tasks performed by them.

Working desk and chair

Individuals who spend the majority part of the day on the computer are at a high risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Typing extensively can lead to muscle strain and can also cause back pain, pain in the elbow and wrists, and vision problems. This is where an ergonomic assessment helps. It will ensure that the setup is suitable for your body shape.

The desk is one thing that can be altered and you can choose between sitting and standing during your workday. You need to have a desk that can be raised high for workers and will not tip if somebody leans on the side. A high-quality desk provides adequate room for all equipment that will be placed on it. Choose a desk that is sturdy and strong to reduce the risk of anything falling off.

The chairs are also an important part of the office equipment. It has an impact on the joints and muscles in the body. The ergonomic chair will come with five adjustment options so that you can alter it to fit your body shape. The chair will also have adjustable lumbar support that will help the lower back and will reduce lower back pain. Consider the seat height, arm height, and width, the chair’s height, and the angle of your seat to ensure comfort and convenience. The chair will have to be adjusted for the owner and the way they work. If you cannot place your feet comfortably on the floor when sitting on the chair, use a footstool.

Position it right

Everyone has different heights and the height of the monitor will also vary. You need to ensure that the monitor is at eye level. The assessment will also take a look at how you work and that the equipment is placed within your reach.

Besides the desk, chair, and monitor, an ergonomic assessment will look into the aspects of lighting, air quality, injury prevention and safety of manual workers. Hence, if you own a business and want to ensure the good health, and safety of the employees, you need to opt for an ergonomic assessment. You also need to generate awareness about ergonomic practices among your employees.

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