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Don't be an active couch potato: Standing Office Desk now in Gurgaon

Exercise is good for you. Sitting too much is bad for you. However, what about those of us who exercise a lot — and sit a lot?

Perhaps you do some strength training, cardio or yoga a few days a week as well. On a general note, you are also meeting any guidelines for physical activity. However, you spend most of your other waking hours sitting down at work, on your commute, on your couch after work.

You just may be an “active couch potato” if this is the case.

How sitting too much affects us

Physical inactivity is the fourth biggest killer of people living in the modern world.  As compared to people who are genetically predisposed to the condition, older adults who are sedentary may be just as likely to develop dementia.

Sedentary lifestyles affect our health and productivity in countless negative ways. One of the mantras of this century is: Sitting is the new smoking. While spending extended periods of time isn't exactly the same thing as smoking a pack of cigarettes daily, there are some serious long term effects that result from not regularly getting enough exercise.

Standing desks in the office

The standing desk is not a new concept. Standing desks have been on the upswing in modern offices – for good reason. To name - Improved employee health, productivity, and morale are some of the workplace benefits.

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Your health is badly affected by a sedentary work lifestyle in numerous ways. Your risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke and other diseases increases manifold. It is important to note that employees who sit too long without standing or moving around are three times more at risk of developing an embolism or deep vein thrombosis. Your chances of slipping a disk are 60-70% greater than your more mobile counterparts when you sit for more than half of your day.

Along with decreasing health risks, the health benefits of having a standing desk include fewer headaches and backaches and better posture. More standing also means less anxiety. Several employees who use standing desks also help lose weight after a few months of use.


Standing desks help you step up and out on the competition which is why Google, Twitter and Facebook have implemented them in their offices.

When you stand, you have more blood in your brain when you stand, which means you’ll make faster and better work decisions throughout the day.

Standing every now and then has been linked to increased activity and enhanced cognitive skills which help you tackle daily work tasks and take the right steps to solve work-related problems.

As human beings, we associate sitting with resting and relaxing, but we associate standing with working. By utilizing standing desks - get your office in the right frame of mind. You will quickly have a more alert, energized and productive company.


Since they can be moved up or down as needed - standing desks accommodate your employees’ various heights. Standard sitting desks are a one-size-fits-all solution and don't really fit anyone properly.

You can also get sit-stand workstations. When your employees can choose whether they want to sit or stand, which is dependent on how they work and tasks they’re given, they feel a greater sense of job satisfaction knowing they have a choice. Office morale is also lifted because your employees are overall happier.

 In order to counteract the damage sitting can do to your body - you need to stay active at your desk and throughout your day.

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