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Get Standing Desk to Amp up Your Performance in Work

Making a simple change to your work-life habits could boost your productivity by around 50%. Like streaming services, smartphones, or ride-sharing applications, standing desks are a booming trend these days. More and more companies now are offering standing desks as a way to enhance employee health, boost productivity, and encourage collaboration. There are innumerable benefits for which standing desks are used at workspaces. This is because using a standing desk contributes to the entire improvement in productivity.

5 Ways a Standing Desk Can Amp Up Your Performance in Work

1. It helps in better blood circulation

A great health benefit is better blood circulation because it causes other health advantages. When you select to stand at the desk, you will get better blood flow in comparison with sitting. Sitting slows down the circulation that causes several health problems like varicose veins, peripheral neuropathy, blood clots, and swollen ankles. Standing aids better circulation to a great extent, so you should get up and stretch, stand and walk around all over the day to maintain your wellbeing.

2. It reduces musculoskeletal pain hence increases performance

Several people encounter chronic musculoskeletal pain caused by excessive sitting. Our bodies are designed for standing and moving all over the day, hence sitting for maximized periods puts pressure on our joints. This can lead to musculoskeletal pain. Standing enhances posture and keeps your spine in a more aligned position. A standing desk reduces any type of severe pain.

3. It promotes creativity

Aside from improving your health, standing up gets your creativity pumping as well. Increased blood flow means you can think better, getting those creative thoughts flowing. Many workspaces are discovering that getting rid of chairs is causing greater creativity amid team meetings and brainstorming sessions. In case a small change in your lifestyle caused huge advantages in your ingenuity and resourcefulness, why won’t you make it?

4. It boosts better heart health

Science has proved that prolonged sitting is bad for the cardiovascular system. People who spend on sitting more than 2 hours daily have 125% of increased health risks associated with heart disease, incorporating heart attacks and chest pain. An active workstation like a standing desk permits you to stand up and get moving when you work.

5. It is effective in burning calories and reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes

Using a standing desk at a workspace is an alternative to exercises. The easy act of standing rather than sitting helps you burn 20-50 calories per hour. When you start using a standing desk for up to 4 hours daily, this number increases.

Studies also have shown that you can eradicate blood sugar spikes and the risk of type-2 diabetes simply by using a standing desk, no additional effort needed!


So, it’s evident how standing desks are great for your body, mind, and productivity! Standing more and sitting less are essential lifestyle changes. If you want to try this out, buy a standing desk today. Just split your time for 40 minutes of sitting to 20 minutes of standing. 

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