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How L shaped Desk can help in enhancing your work area

Don’t just sit entire day, take a stand now!

L shaped desk is the creation for modernization in offices. This recent invention has improved office lifestyle by offering extra surface area while keeping all paperwork and things within your arm’s reach. Optimized desk setup is essential part in the way of productivity along with increased health and happiness. Just don’t settle for ordinary, introduce innovation of Purpleark’s L shape standing desk to your office that has various features to improve the lives of employees.

It is noticed that, employees who allows them to change position during work hours from sitting to standing have kept their circulation at optimal levels while giving themselves energy and boosting up their creativity. That’s a motivation in itself. Sitting at one place for longer period increases risk of diabetes, heart disease and early death.

L Shape Desk helps lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity.  Standing or walking is a form of exercise to burn calories quickly. Then, using a standing desk may lower blood sugar levels and increased blood sugar level is worst for your health. A recent study said that bus conductor who stands all day had half the risk of heart disease related to the bus driver who sits for hours. Undoubtedly, spending more time on feet is much more beneficial for heart health. Standing desk can reduce the back pain and it’s one of the common pains office workers deal with. Study states that sit stand desk reduced neck and back pain up to 55% within just 4 weeks.

Employees might get demotivated upon returning to their old desks. That’s why this finding increased energy level and maintains good mood. The utmost important factor that leads the company to heights is, standing desks may even boost productivity. Standing after lunch has proven to be efficient. Standing more may ultimately help you live longer than before. Undoubtedly, Purpleark is one stop solution for your office to redefine with innovative L shape standing desk.