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How Monitor Arm Can Help Manage Your Neck Pain

It is important for an employee to take proper time for stretching the body or going for a walk. You should focus more on eradicating the risk of health problems as you are growing old. Hence, you might think about how to position your monitor correctly. Well, monitor arm is the single way to permit this adjustment level, making them an incredible investment for maximum people. Inserting the monitor arm in the desktop helps you maintain your body posture but ensure the monitor setup should be adjustable.

What Is A Monitor Arm?

The monitor arm is a strong but flexible ergonomic arm that supports your monitors. While conventional monitor stands hold a monitor in a locked position, stationary, a monitor arm helps you move and adjust the height, angle or position of the monitor. In case you own 2 monitors, you can still utilize monitor arms for finding the ideal arrangement of them, so they are comfortable to look at and easy to see.

How Monitor Arms Help Reduce the Neck Pain

Adjust your monitor to the ideal viewing position

Generally, the ideal viewing position is said to be at least 30cm from your eyes, with the state-of-the-art of pixels level with your eyes. A bit forward tilt to your monitor will be advantageous. Monitor arms help you reach this position easily and make adjusting hassle-free. Moreover, they free up space under the monitor and make for a cleaner setup overall.

Cure your discomfort

Spending hours at your desk just develops pain in your neck area. A monitor arm can cure this discomfort. Using a standard immobile monitor stand, your monitor is stuck at a particular position and sometimes it’s the incorrect position for you. Monitor arms help you fix the correct ergonomic position making your neck relaxed.

Enhance posture

Sitting at your desk with the monitor in an incorrect position can cause slouching, leaning forward and other poor posture habits. And over time, this incorrect posture for long time periods can lead to chronic neck pains that affect your health. Monitor arms help align your desk, monitor and chair ergonomically, so you can notice the benefits right away with increased comfort and reduced neck pain.

Sit/Stand versatility

The monitor arm is more important if you have a height-adjustable sit-stand desk. The perfect ergonomic position for your monitor transforms whether you are standing or sitting, hence if you have the immobile monitor stand, it will be in the improper placement at least half the time. You can modify the monitor every time using the monitor arm. Thereby, lower or raise your desk so that it’s always in the most comfortable position.


Neck pain can spread to other body parts like shoulders because of the wrong work style or working on long stretches. In every case, you must take a break to give rest to your joints and muscles. An adjustable monitor mount helps patients suffering from cervical myelopathy. Thereby, opt for adjustable monitor mounts with standing desk.

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