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How to Choose the Right Monitor Arm for You

A monitor arm is a great equipment piece that permits much more than a favorable working posture and great relief for your eyes through appropriate desk ergonomics. Since it’s a part of healthy workspace ergonomics, it encourages workspace operations and contributes to better wellness and productivity that serves more than only making sure physical comfort.

In case you are totally new to this arena, this blog will tell you everything you should know about how to find out what kind of monitor arm is right for your specific requirements. Purchasing a monitor arm might confuse you when there are lots of confusing terms and specifications. Let us guide you on how to select the right one for you!

Guidelines to Follow

Choosing the right configuration as per requirement

There are various smartly design ergonomic solutions for every standing desk user. There are some flexible configuration options to fulfill your requirement, incorporating:

  • Color (silver, black, or even white)
  • Type of monitor mount (wall mount, Single arm desk mount, dual arm desk mount)
  • Range of motion (articulating, short reach, long reach)

Compatibility with monitor weight

Technology is enhancing daily, making monitors larger and thinner. This is a concern because a monitor arm can hold only up to a particular weight for it to function appropriately. If you use a monitor that is heavier than it can hold, your monitor won’t stay in place. So, whether you are choosing a desk mount, or a completely adjustable monitor stand, consider your monitor’s weight and ensure the monitor arm can support that weight. In the market generally monitor weights in the range of 2 to 6.5 kgs.  You can check the monitor arm’s capacity from reviewing its specifications. Typically monitor of 13”- 27” can be mounted on the single desk mount monitor arm.

Option for cable management

The cable management system is a common feature that can highly impact on your work desk. Since you are utilizing a monitor arm, possibilities are cords and cables will freely hang on your desk. Cluttered and loose cables are unfavorable and can be highly distracting. Some monitor mounts offer the option for a cable management system that enables you to run the monitor’s cords and cables through the arm down the mount’s base and pole.

The flexibility of the monitor arm

You can make a huge difference in the efficiency and comfort of your staff by replacing your common monitor stand with a durable and flexible monitor arm. Since this innovative item helps users move their monitor effortlessly to change, lower, or raise its direction, choose one of the most famous monitor arm mounting styles:

  • Desk Mount(Single or Dual)
  • Wall Mount
  • Grommet mount
  • Freestanding mount

Installation of a monitor arm is easy if you follow the easy guidelines given by the manufacturer.


A monitor arm enables a higher level of collaboration, comfort, and productivity. So, invest in the right one for your work and wellbeing. Figure out which mounting style is perfect for you so you can work best and opt for the product and elevates and supports your robust working style.

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