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It's time to gift your employees’ better health this season: Best role of an admin's head in India

Healthy employees equal a healthy company, which is why many employers have committed to prioritizing the physical and mental health of their staff. Some established companies in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Pune offer their employees rewards for weight loss, routine health care checkups, and regular exercise. Often these incentives come in the form of monetary rewards or gifts that encourage their overall health goals, like a fitness tracker.

While many rewards encourage healthiness outside of the workplace, there’s one incentive that will carry their health commitment right into the office: standing desks. These are a simple way to get staff standing longer and moving around more frequently, altering their traditional sedentary office habits.

Benefits of standing desks for employees:

A Healthier Work Force Is a More Productive Work Force

As compared to those who are seated almost throughout their shift, workers stand while completing tasks become steadily more productive over time.

Several in-office experiments have further validated this proof. Productivity raises by up to 10% as one stands with backs straight. Not only does it improve posture, but it also benefits overall health. Studies have shown that it combats the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle. It reduces an individual’s risks of suffering from heart attacks, cancer, back pain, diabetes, obesity and more.

a man working on a standing desk

Your employees also become more alert and focused. Moreover, it helps stimulate creativity.

Having Standing Desks in Your Office Might Decrease the Likelihood of a Workers Comp Claim

Several of work-related injuries are caused by prolonged sitting. Common complaints include musculoskeletal problems like muscle strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Employees might be less likely to complain of health issues that could be connected to sitting for hours on end with the use of standing desks in the cities where we are established to provide our product.

Standing has also been proven to increase longevity. According to studies, sitting each day to just three hours can add two years to their life expectancy. In the process, people can also succeed in bettering their posture and decreasing eye strain.

Employees have a better choice

In your workstation, a standing desk allows employees to sit and stand as they please. What position do they find most convenient while working depends on them ultimately? Should they choose to stand more often? The answer to this subtle question is yes, then they will gain the benefit of “not adding unwanted weight”. Taking breaks between standing and sitting helps a great deal. Doing so suffices to help fight the negative health effects of sitting down. Standing on its own also works. The number of calories burned every hour is 50 times more than that of sitting.

Worth an investment:

Standing desks are pretty affordable these days and employers should consider them an investment similar to other healthcare programs offered in the continuous quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Allowing employees to have a say in their comfort at the work station will show that you, as the admin's head, want to invest in them and give them options to adhere to their goals. Just as you may allow them to choose other options for their desks or cubicles, such as lighting or keyboards, allowing them to choose a standing desk will give them some freedom to move around during the day.

As you’re adjusting to other trends in hiring and common workplace issues, consider adding standing desks to your workplace. If you’re not sure if your employees will welcome the change, don’t be afraid to lead by example and make a stand yourself, all the while touting the countless health benefits of standing desks.

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