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Monitor Arms - What You Should Know and Why You Should Use Them

Your desk setup hugely impacts your performance, whether it is for work or activities like gaming and coding. Due to poor desk ergonomics, you could develop muscle strain which can end up in chronic long-term pain in addition to other complications. The best way to build a comfortable desk space is with the use of a monitor arm. You can find various monitor arms with different benefits and uses. Here is a complete guide on everything you need to know about the benefits of monitor arms and how you can use them. 

Monitor arm benefits

There are several benefits of using monitor arms. Besides the health benefits, it also keeps your work organized. Let’s take a look at all the advantages.

Reduces neck and eye strain

The biggest benefit of an adjustable monitor arm is that you can change the depth, height, and even the angle of the arm. It gives complete customization and will allow you to position the monitor in the spot right where it needs to be. This will help prevent neck and eye strain when you use the computer over a prolonged period. The monitor must be placed right at the center of your vision so you do not strain yourself to look at the screen. There should be a right viewing angle and a monitor arm will prevent from developing strain-related pain in the neck. When you use the monitor arm, you must remember to place it at the right level to maximize benefits.


With the use of monitor arms, you can switch the monitor from portrait to landscape mode. With the use of additional monitors, you can adjust them the way you prefer and keep both the gadgets in the same or different positions. If you spend your time playing games on the system, you will certainly enjoy using a monitor arm. A lot of professionals like to spend time customizing the desk space for their preferred function and style. By using two monitors side by side with different angles and image modes, you can enjoy an ultimate customizable viewing experience.

Organize the desk

A disorganized, cluttered desk can be distracting and could hamper your productivity. Using a monitor arm, you can easily lift the monitor from the desk and create a usable space below the screen. If you are a minimalist, you can keep the space empty and have a modern, sophisticated style. Besides, you can use this space to keep your photos, notepads, and other accessories that you usually use when working. The arm will declutter the area and will allow you to make the most of the space.

Better posture

If the monitor is improperly faced, it will force you to hunch or slouch on the desk. This can lead to stiffness and back pain in the body. When you use a monitor arm, it will allow you to adjust your  monitor so that you can maintain the right posture. It is also applicable for those using a standing desk. You must ensure that the monitor is well positioned to allow you to stand straight as you use the computer.

Things you must know about using monitor arms

Considering the above-mentioned benefits, you will be excited to buy a monitor arm right away. But there are some things you must know before you bring one home.


When you head to the market to look for monitor arms, you need to check their compatibility. The arm should be compatible with the monitor and wall bracket. There are a few common-sized monitor arms that you may want to consider. Check the space between the mounting holes on the  monitor. Different monitor arms support different sizes so check it well before buying.

Types of monitor arms

Your monitor arm is a system that supports the monitor. It is mounted on the wall or to your desk and you can adjust it from there. You need to be aware of the different types of monitors before you make a decision. There are five types of monitor arms you must consider.

1. Spring mounts

A spring mount is a premium monitor arm with key features. It is highly versatile and can move in all directions. You can precisely position the monitor for the best comfort and function. The mount is a slightly expensive option as compared to other alternatives but it is worth the investment.

2. Wall mounts

A wall mount will work just the way television mounts work. It has a tray that allows you to place the mouse and keyboard. Considering its design, it is ideal for professionals who need the computer to switch from the center of the desk space to be set against your wall.

3. Post mounts

A cost-efficient option, post mounts perform exceptionally well. They are static but can be adjusted according to the height requirement of the user. The mounts are also very sturdy so you need not be worried about the monitor being dislodged.

4. Laptop mounts

A laptop mount is like a basic monitor arm but it includes additional hardware that can hold the laptop. The mounts have options where you can attach more than one laptop.

5. Rail mounts

Ideal for organizational use, rail mounts can be seen in electronic stores. You can place several monitors on it and the monitor arms come with several options for customization. This will only be useful at a professional level only.

We can rightly conclude that monitor arms have become an important part of every type of desk setup. No matter what you use the monitor for, gaming or work, they can help improve focus and will prevent any back and neck-related injury. The monitor arm will give a professional aesthetic to the workspace. Whether you use a standing desk or sit-stand desk, you can use monitor arms and tailor the space to meet your comfort and preferences.

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