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Pair your existing sit-stand desk with supremely flexible monitor arms desk mount

According to a survey, it was found that 80% of people spending more than 4 hours in front of a computer has a complaint of back pain due to poor posture. It also causes strain at the neck and backs. The supremely flexible monitor arm desk mount allows adjusting the height and angle of the screen to provide an optimum view. It can be easily paired with existing sit and stand desk and are highly flexible as per your needs. Strain and back pain cause uneasiness which results in unproductivity of the work.

After a time employees start feeling uncomfortable and irritated. Their ability to think and work becomes slower. By using these supremely fixed monitor arms desks mount the employees can feel fresh and active towards work. It also minimizes the risk of cervical pain problems which can result in absenteeism in your workplace. It can even worsen the situation while turning the head or can even result in spondylitis. Even the muscle around your shoulders become guarded fatigue and contract while working in the same position. The tightening of neck muscle transfers the tension to other smaller sub optical muscles which are in the skull resulting in a headache.

It also saves the space of the workplace. This is suitable for the companies who want to replace their desk with sit and stand desk but gets stuck due to  second thought of having less space in their workplace. It becomes important to sit in the right chair which covers your low back with a curve along with hips and knees in 90 degrees angle. This also allows keeping your elbows at a natural height.

  • You can easily pair two monitors weighing 17.6 lbs with the help of its mechanical spring which sets the height for a longer period and is easily sustainable.
  • The maximum height to adjust the monitor is 13.8 inches while the arms also provide full-circle rotation between 90 to 85 degrees angle.
  • The monitors can also be swivel upto180 degrees so that one can switch between landscape and portrait modes.
  • The mount is equipped with C- clamp to cover a small section of the desk with a width of 2.36.
  • The mount can support both 75x75mm and 100x100mm mounting patterns with the help of wire clutter.
  • This is a durable and lightweight aluminium mount which is efficient in providing better visibility.

Now you can work comfortably all day long. These are designed by keeping in mind the comfort of employees to produce more productivity from them. They can be easily fitted in various locations and platforms. This desk provides a solution towards leading a healthy lifestyle because it remains an essential component of the workstation. All you need is to adjust  the monitor arm properly so that your elbows do not shrug the forearms, wrists and hands. If the desk is too low or high it forces your trunk to extend more.

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