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Psychological Benefits of a Standing Desk

Standing more often during work hours can make a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. The physical health benefits of using a standing desk for work are well known. However, not many are aware of the psychological benefits of standing at work. Research suggests that height adjustable desks are good for your physical health and your brain.

Here are a few benefits you need to be aware of:

Better mood

The position and posture can make a lot of difference when it comes to the psyche. It has been noted that the time you spend sitting at the desk when using a computer is associated with anxiety and depression. Limited sitting time can help improve mental health. Hence, a standing desk is an ideal way to increase the stand to sit ratio and to enjoy a better mood.

High energy 

It has been noted that professionals who use standing desks seem to go through less fatigue and stress as compared to the professionals who remain seated all day. When you stand, you can focus more on your work and you will enjoy increased energy throughout the day. It also reduces the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Improved productivity

Standing desks can help improve productivity and focus more on work. Sitting on the desk all day can lead to fatigue and may reduce your productivity but if you stand on the desk when working, you will notice better concentration, more focus, and high productivity. With an increase in productivity, you will notice that your mood is better and your energy is high.

Increased creativity

Standing while working can boost your brainpower. When you use a standing desk, you will enjoy high creativity and processing. You will notice that the creative juices flow easily and you can come up with new ideas in no time.

When standing, you remain less relaxed and you need to be aware of the balance and engage your muscles. It will give you a slight mental edge as compared to sitting on the desk all day. The sharpened focus can help with increased work engagement and will transform your mental and physical health.

Just as the body needs a break from standing, so does your mind. With a height adjustable work surface, you can tailor the space to the task. You might not be used to standing all day. It will take time and you will get used to it. During the initial days, you may have to switch from sitting to standing. It is important to take short breaks from work. A standing desk can give you the freedom and flexibility to customize the work environment and enjoy a good mood.

Standing desks will do your spine a favor and will improve the posture. It supports brain function  and will energize the body and brain. You will see a significant change in the mood, energy and productivity. The benefits of standing desks are long lasting and you will notice them in no time.

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