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Solutions For Bad Posture While Working

If you are in a job that requires you to be seated at a desk for 8-9 hours a day, you are one of the countless professionals across the world. However, the days you spend sitting at the desk will put you at the risk of chronic pain and injuries, which will have a long term impact on your productivity and health. In order to prevent such health issues, it is essential to implement healthy practices at the place of work and improve your posture.

Muscle pain and injuries account for more than 30% of workplace injuries and several professionals need to undergo medication and treatment for the same. Office work significantly contributes to workplace injuries.

The best way to avoid them is to work on your posture and here is how you can do that.

Follow a neutral posture

Keep the spine in its natural alignment posture which means straight from the head. When the spine is in a natural position, there will be no slouching or injury. You can achieve a natural position by focusing on your neck and back.

Keep the monitor at eye level

The right placement of the monitor is at the eye level and the keyboard should be at your arm level. The wrists should not feel any discomfort when typing. When the monitor is rightly placed, it will become easy to adopt a neutral posture. Your back should be straight and the feet should rest flat on the ground.

Use a standing desk 

One of the most preferred choices of professionals today, a standing desk makes it convenient and easy for you to achieve the right posture. When you stand at the desk, there is no slouching and you can easily take short breaks. Standing desks are height adjustable which allows you to keep the monitor at an eye level and ensure high comfort.

Take short breaks

The main reason why desk work is connected with back pain and injuries is that it restricts the amount of movement. In order to maintain good health, you need to move the body after every 20 minutes. When you use a standing desk, you shift weight from one foot to another and can also take a quick stroll in the room. Make it a point to complete certain tasks like answering calls while you walk around the room. If it becomes difficult to take breaks, set reminders, and follow them. Set a reminder for 30 minutes and the moment it goes off, take a walk around the room.

It might be tough to maintain a neutral posture but the standing desk will make it easy for you. Ensure that your feet are comfortable on the ground and maintain a straight spine posture. You will notice the benefits of the standing desk in no time. Besides improving the posture, it will help increase productivity and will help burn calories. Using the right products can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health and it is time to prioritize your health over work.

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