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A Few Mistakes You're Making at Your Best Standing Desk & Their Solutions

Standing looks easy-breezy, doesn't it? Though, several standing desk users curse themselves for making repeated mistakes while using standing desks in an improper way. Such a wrong way of working on a standing desk leads to spine issues, prevents health benefits that can be achieved otherwise, and causes a feeling of dislike for the best sit-stand desk that could be your dearest thing to use while making you more productive.

Amidst this chaos, a common question that roams around people's minds is how to correct these silly mistakes in order to gain maximum profit from this incredible technology. Also, altering your way of adopting the right way to utilize Sit Stand Desk Converter can dramatically reduce the risk of back and neck pain.

Improper Height Adjustment

Keeping the height of your best standing desk converter too high or too low is a common mistake maximum people repeat in their routine. Setting the height of your desk is the first step in creating an ergonomic standing desk. The location of your keyboard and display depends on the height of your desk. Your upper back, neck, and wrist comfort can be significantly impacted by how those objects are positioned.

  • Solution: To gain the maximum standing desk benefits, make sure your elbows can stay close to your body by raising your workstation to the height of your elbows. When your elbows start to move away from your body to reach the keyboard, your workstation is too high. Since every person's body is unique, use this as a starting point and tweak it slightly until you're happy. 

Keeping your Screen Too Low

Neck and upper back discomfort can get really bad if your monitor or computer screen is not positioned correctly. We discover that many users have their displays set too low, forcing them to stand and stare down at their screens. Additionally, this may make sitting uncomfortable. This also holds true for people who use laptops at their desks. When using a laptop flat on the desk while standing, maintaining good posture becomes practically difficult since you'll probably need to lift the desk too high in order to view the screen, which will affect how your arms are positioned and how you type.

  • Solution: To see the screen clearly without bending forward and angling your head down, raise your monitor as high as it will go and tilt it back slightly. We strongly advise purchasing a laptop stand along with a second keyboard and mouse if you use a laptop screen. By doing this, you may elevate the bottom of your laptop's screen by at least 8 inches off of your desk.

Not Standing Properly

You should be able to stand with good posture if you avoid some of the typical errors on this list. However, many people have developed bad posture as a habit, particularly while hunching over at their computers.

  • Solution: Adjust your keyboard, monitor, and desk height as necessary, and then concentrate on your posture. It could take some time to retrain because your body will probably still have the muscle memory of bad posture. Keep your neck straight, drive your chest forward, and roll your shoulders back behind your ears. Your head is probably much farther away; therefore, you might need to move your monitor closer.

Your Wrists at the Keyboard are Flexed Upward

The ergonomics of wrist posture at the keyboard frequently cause problems. For someone who spends most of their time on a computer, this is one of the most annoying types of joint and muscle discomfort. Lessening wrist pain should be a top focus for folks who type a lot.

  • Solution: Make sure your wrists are flat and at or almost at a 180-degree angle from your forearms. We advise purchasing a keyboard pad to elevate your wrist if your wrists are still bending upward despite your workstation being at the perfect height. Additionally, this increases comfort.


We are aware that there will be moments when you must sit, even though the best standing desk encourages greater movement throughout the day. Additionally, we think it's critical for you to be able to sit correctly and with excellent posture as we work toward a healthy lifestyle. Using such aforementioned tips advised by professionals can potentially lead you to more standing, working for long hours, more productivity, more calories burned, and a healthier version of yourself.

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