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Standing Vs Sitting At a Desk – Which is Better for You?

There has been a long-standing debate on the benefits of standing versus sitting for many years. Health experts were of the opinion that standing can solve different health problems of the office workers. Sitting and standing for long periods do have their pros and cons and you should carefully choose between the two. Hence, if you are wondering if you should sit or stand at work, you are not alone. Let us look at both the options in detail.

Does it affect productivity?

It can be rightly said that standing is better than sitting. There are serious health effects from sitting all day. When you sit for eight hours a day, there is a high risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes. There is a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes for those who sit for a long period of time in the day. However, standing for long periods is not a good choice either. Individuals who stand all through the day at their jobs have a high risk of heart disease as compared to those who remain seated. This happens because there is a blood pool in the lower limbs which causes oxidative stress and hydrostatic venous pressure. However, working while standing has several productivity benefits. Those who stand at work are much more productive as compared to those who sit all day.

What about calories?

It is possible to burn more calories when you stand. You will burn an additional 0.15 calories for every minute you spend standing instead of sitting. Hence, if you are trying to lose weight and cut down on a few kilos, you should start standing at work and the best way to do this is by using a standing desk.

Does it hurt the back?

Sitting will put a lot more pressure on the lower back than standing. Individuals who use standing desks have a low risk of backaches.  

Which is better? Standing or sitting?

Considering the benefits to health and productivity, it can be concluded that using a standing desk will be a good change from prolonged sitting. You need to stand up and change the sedentary lifestyle. You can opt between sitting and standing throughout the day. It is possible to move around more when you are standing and it benefits your health.

A standing desk is an ideal choice for professionals who work daily for about 8 hours on average. When you start using the desk, do not stand all day. Allow your body to get used to standing and continue to switch between the two. You can stand for 40 minutes and sit for 20 minutes. You will soon be able to work up to one or two hours of standing. Choose a standing desk that is easy and convenient to use. Look at different options and then pick one that is easy to move up and down so that you can easily switch between sitting and standing during the initial days.

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