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Switch to fitness by switching to standing work desk

Health is important. We all spend good time in office and regular sitting on chair is part of daily routine. Sitting on a chair and working isn’t in itself a harmful thing but if done for long hours can lead to postural problems like disc damage, strained neck and swayed back in the long run.

The changing work culture

The nature of job is also changing with time and many employers now give flexibility to employees to work from home. This trend of working from home further adds fuel to fire as employees work crouched in bed which causes stress fracture and back problems. 

Standing work desk is a source of comfort and fitness. It can be easily converted to a standing work desk at the push of one button. Standing Work desks have been proven to help in increasing focus while letting the employees thinking on their feet.

People need new solutions

Standing desk gives your health a boost. It is best known to increase productivity and agility while offering the ultimate active ergonomic solution in the workplace.Standing desk is trending as it is new ergonomic culture, This has been effective from fighting the diseases caused due to predominantly sedentary lifestyle especially problems like back pain which has been found common amongst the employees.

Use it to improve health

This is done by improving the posture of the body. This desk keeps up the expectation as being promised by providing customizable facilities to the height according to one choice. They are available in both manual and electric form. This desk not only improves the health but also enables to work in comfort by providing flexibility according to the space around you which ultimately creates a dynamic working environment.If you are the one who spends most of the time by sitting in the desk chair then this might be what you need. After all the productivity of employee depends on their well- being.

Experience to compare

An unhealthy employee comparatively takes more time and produce low quality of work. There is nothing a new invention in it, even famous personalities like Sir Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson have used these desks during their career. As we know while standing one can burn more calorie with the increased muscular activity. Sitting the whole day long also increases the risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Also remaining in the same position for the whole day could lead to physical stress.

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