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The Right Keyboard Tray Size for Your Height Adjustable Desk

When setting up your office for comfort and efficiency, the keyboard tray plays a crucial role. As more people opt for adjustable desks to customize their workspace, choosing the right keyboard tray size becomes essential. This ensures usability and provides ergonomic benefits for a better working experience.

Understanding Keyboard Tray Size Specifications


The overall size of a keyboard tray system is important for fitting well into your workspace and matching your desk's setup changes. For instance, a standard keyboard tray might measure 797x283x129mm (length x width x height).

Keyboard Tray Size

The size of the area where your keyboard sits is crucial. Typically, this space measures 680x283mm (width x depth), offering enough room for both the keyboard and mouse. This setup ensures comfortable typing and easy movement.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a keyboard tray tells you how much weight it can safely support. A typical capacity is 5kg, which is enough for most keyboards and mice.

Track Travel

Track travel refers to how far the tray can extend from its position under the desk. A track travel of 190mm allows for flexibility in placement, making it suitable for various user preferences and different types of workspaces.

Ergonomic Considerations

Comfortable Typing Position

Make sure your keyboard and mouse are on a tray that fits your desk well. This setup keeps them close and encourages a natural wrist position, reducing strain when you use them for a long time.

Optimizing Your Workspace

Choose a tray that matches the size of your desk. This way, you can use your desk space efficiently while keeping your essential tools easily accessible.


If you have a height-adjustable workstation that lets you switch between sitting and standing, using a good keyboard tray adds to this flexibility. It ensures that your setup is ergonomic, no matter the height of your workstation.

Practical Tips for Choosing and Using a Keyboard Tray

Measure Your Desk

Before you buy a keyboard tray, measure your desk and available space carefully to make sure it will fit.

Check Tray Features

Look for trays that offer tilt adjustment. This lets you change the keyboard angle for better comfort.

Test for Comfort

Try out different tray sizes and setups if you can. Find one that fits how you type and meets your ergonomic needs.

Installation and Adjustment

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the tray correctly. Regularly adjust the height and angle to keep it comfortable and ergonomic.


Choosing the right size keyboard tray for your adjustable desk is crucial for a better work experience. It can enhance comfort, productivity, and your long-term health. Take into account specific measurements like 797x283x129mm, with a keyboard tray size of 680x283mm, a weight capacity of 5kg, and a track travel of 190mm. These details will help you make a smart choice that aligns with your ergonomic needs and seamlessly integrates into your workstation setup. Remember, ergonomic preferences vary from person to person, so prioritize comfort and practicality when selecting a keyboard tray.

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