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Things To Consider While Buying Standing Desks For Short People

Since work from home has become the new norm, a lot of us have realised that we need the right office tools to ensure comfort and productivity. A lot of us strive to stay productive and this means sitting or standing through the day when working. It can be harmful to our health and wellbeing. If you are petite, it is best to have a standing desk for people who are short.

Why do you need a height adjustable desk?

There are many desks which stay at a fixed height but it will make it harder for short people to use. Additionally, you can only sit at the desk and will not be able to raise them so you can continue working when you stand. It is not easy to get the right ergonomics for the chair and the desk without using an adjustable height desk. Hence, choose options that allow you to change the height with ease and convenience. You can also consider an electric standing desk. Pick a desk that easily allows you to increase the height. You do not want to be hand cranking on the desk for a lot of time when you want to change a position. With an electric desk, you just press a button and lift the desk faster without a lot of effort.

It is challenging to find the right desk for short people and it could even be difficult to reach the top cabinets for files. These are small issues you may face at work, which is why you must consider a height adjustable desk that will ensure you sit ergonomically correctly.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when buying standing desks for short people. Let’s take a look at them.

Focus on the distance and height

Using a standing desk, you must be able to keep your eyes at the top of the computer screen. You must ensure that you are looking straight in front. You should not look above or down. If you look up, it will lead to stress on the back and neck. In a lot of cases, it can lead to eyestrain. If you are seated, you need to ensure that your eyes are at a distance of 30 inches from your screen. The monitor should be placed at a distance of 43 inches from the floor and the chair should be placed 16 inches from the floor. It is possible to change them based on different factors so it is best to sit down with your back straight and adjust your chair. Now fix the height of the standing desk. You can use the adjustable desk to stand while you continue to work. But you need to stand up properly before you adjust it. Your eyes should be at least 30 inches away from the screen and the monitor should be placed at 57 inches from the floor. Remember, this is not set in stone, you can adjust the things keeping your requirement and height in mind.

Position of the keyboard

When you are looking for a standing desk for petite people, it helps to remember the positioning of the keys. Your arms should feel relaxed when they are placed on the side. Now bend your elbows till they feel comfortable at a 90-degree position and your wrists should be relaxed. Do you feel comfortable touching the keys now? If you feel uncomfortable, you need to adjust the height adjustable desk as much as you can. Do this in both positions- sitting as well as standing. You should not feel any amount of strain when using the keyboard from the desk.

Check your posture

A lot of people do not understand the importance of posture when working. We focus only on the desk and not on the chair. But you must keep in mind that both of them work together to ensure that you sit comfortably and correctly while you work. It will help build the right working environment. Whenever you sit at the desk, your knees and thigh should be placed parallel to the floor and your knees need to be at an angle of 90-degree. Your feet need to be well rested on the floor. A lot of us tend to raise the chair higher to have the screen and keyboard in an appropriate position. For short people using a height adjustable desk, you need to lift and lower your desk and keep the chair in the right place to ensure that the legs are comfortable.

Do not reach very far

When looking for a standing desk for short individuals, you need to decide what is it that you will use frequently. You must store these items closer to you. If you use files or office supplies, you need to keep them close. This way, you will not go very far and the repetitive movement could be challenging for your back. It can also feel inconvenient to move a lot to grab a file or a pen. Hence, keep the accessories closer to you.

There are several desks in the market available in different styles. Never pick a desk without giving it a try. Sit on the desk and the chair, move it higher and lower and then see how comfortable you feel. You will find several chairs with ergonomic benefits that will help ensure that the spine is in alignment as you sit. You must also stand up straight and adjust the height of the desk so you have the right posture. It is important to sit and stand properly without hurting the body while you earn a living. You must choose a desk and chair that fit your needs and budget. It is very helpful to stand while you work. This will ensure fewer aches and pains, higher productivity, and will reduce any soreness in the neck, hips, and your back.

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