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Thinking on their feet: Height adjustable desks in the Classroom

Slumped in his chair, he's bored, disengaged, and tired. It's the only 1:30 pm, and he knows there's still two whole hours left in his school day.

The ability to adjust heights to exact precisions is what makes electric height adjustable desks so versatile and useful like any other workplace where multiple people routinely use desks during each workday.

The ergonomic benefits of a standing desk in the workplace have become well-understood in recent years. In the USA, standing desks are being slowly adopted in schools. By promoting a more active and engaged learning arena, it's also one method designed to help combat childhood obesity. It is high time that schools in India to take notice of the numerous benefits an adjustable standing desk can have on the growth and health of students.

The scenario

The trend emerged last autumn as a selected number of schools across the USA began experimenting with standing desks. Last year, at least one school converted almost all of its classroom workstations to accommodate a standing position. A number of schools have also rolled out adjustable height workstations.

Standing desks are the hot item in forward-thinking school districts. So what advantages do standing desks offer students?

Increased energy burn. Studies show that standing desks help kids burn 15-25 percent more calories—and up to 35 percent more for obese children.

Better focus. This especially holds true for students with ADHD, who need to be in motion to learn.

How are schools using standing desks?

As a secondary workstation

For standing group work, an adjustable height desk suits the task. These desks are typically adjustable between 26 and 34 inches high, with enough room for six to eight students to stand around. Some desks have electronics that raise and lower the desktop. Others are operated mechanically.

As a primary all–day desk

Schools that implement individual standing desks use them as the primary seat in a classroom. Some schools offer kids stools in case they get tired.

Sit-Stand Desk 

Stand up, and then sit down!

And then stand again, and then sit again. You will really begin to reap the benefits associated with a height adjustable desk by this consistent adjustment between sitting and standing throughout the workday or rather, a school day. It can also positively impact their learning.

Sitting still is against children’s nature, and it’s the adults that are telling them to be sedentary by teaching them in an environment where this behavior is praised.

Increased use of standing desks

Today’s sedentary lifestyles are impacting the health and academic performance of students. Increased pressure around standardized desks is reducing physical education and recess time. This is greatly influencing students lack of movement.

By opening our minds into implementing methods that can help reduce boredom and fatigue, and increase engagement, participation, and a more productive student body, the growing presence of height adjustable desks in the classroom forces us to rethink traditional classroom design.

Childhood obesity and attention-related issues are two of the most common challenges facing educators in the modern classroom. As schools and administrators look for ways to address these issues, a standing desk provides a simple, fixed-cost solution. Expect to see adjustable height desks for schools become more commonplace in the years ahead.

To wind up -spaces that promote movement both energize and empower students, as well as encourage collaboration and boost engagement among classmates and educators.
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