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Upgrade your Cozy Home Workspace with Ergonomic Desk

People all over the world are becoming increasingly health conscious. Our lifestyles are changing. That does not only include our diet and the morning exercise routine, but also the little things throughout the day. For example, our posture while we work in the office or at home.

This changing lifestyle demands an upgrade in our furniture. How else would we carry on our daily activities? This is why Purpleark brings an innovative sit stand desk converter model to help us keep our posture correct while we work.

a man working on a Height Adjustable Desks

We need to take a stand

Biologically speaking, human beings spend way too much time sitting around than the human body was meant to. Our bodies indicate the problem to us with signals like:

  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatic muscle stiffness
  • Numb toes
  • Bulging pot bellies due to slouching, fat retention, and lowered metabolic rate

We are sitting at our desks at office all day, and then come back home and sit to chop vegetables or help our children with their homework. It is unfair that our health should suffer a blow for sitting for too long, while we work too hard. We need to take a stand against having to sit around all day.

Just the thing you need

Standing up only to bend over a desk that is meant for sitting at does more harm than good. It puts excess pressure on the hips, lower back, neck, knees, and of course, the feet. This is where a standing desk converter can change the entire scenario.

It is absolutely ridiculous to have to take your laptop or chopping board to a totally different table every time you want to stand and then bring it back to another table when you want to sit. This is why a sit stand desk is necessary. Imagine pulling the legs of the desk upwards or pushing it down with your hands or even with just a button, every time you need to adjust the height.

One solution for every problem

Purpleark’s innovative height adjustable desks are engineered to suit different heights. You can adjust the height of the desk to exactly what is right for your posture. This way, you can even share the desk with all family members for various tasks. You can have just one cozy little workspace at home. With the new height adjustable desks, it will be enough for everybody. You can use one single desk for multiple purposes like:

  • Children’s desk for homework.
  • A little something to read on your kindle or laptop while you do some spot jogging.
  • Household chores or catching up with work while standing or sitting.
  • When you are sleepy or distracted but need to finish up something so you want to stand while working.
  • When you want to have some snacks and coffee at your desk at home, you can turn this furniture itself into a regular coffee table.

Whatever you might need to do at a desk, you can do sitting or standing, no matter how little or how tall you are. This one sit stand workstation will be enough for everybody, thanks to the range it offers in height adjustment.

Something you can bank upon

The convertible desks from Purpleark are durable. They can carry up to 160kgs of weight. You can put literally anything you want on it. You can adjust the height of the table as many times as you need, the parts are all well-fitted and durable. You don’t need to worry about wear and tear for at least 5 years because the products are under warranty.

Take home a sit stand desk converter and improve your posture and productivity at work for years.

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