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Ways to convince your boss you need a Standing Desk

Its commonly known that excessive sitting can contribute to back pain and has been associated with chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and hypertension. Of course, regular exercise is key, but you can do more during the workday by using a standing desk. 

Take the below tips to convince your boss it's worth the investment.

Better Health and Wellness

We should know that our bodies aren’t designed to sit for 10+ hours a day. During a time where healthcare technologies continue to innovate, the increase in office jobs has led to more cardiovascular disease. Companies have made efforts to keep their employees healthy for decades. On average, a healthy employee shows up to work more often, gets more work done, and has one less distraction to worry about while working. Make your boss understand that standing desks help keep you and your coworkers healthy. To convince your boss you need a standing desk, this is one of the most compelling ways.

Productivity on the rise

Leading to getting more things done in less time - standing naturally creates more of a sense of urgency. While you stand, moving around can help increase your blood circulation, which is a good thing. In this way, more oxygen reaches your brain and improves critical thinking and decision making. Using the right technique to balance sitting, standing, and taking a break can help structure your day into several time bound periods. Studies have shown that this helps limit distractions since you have self-imposed deadlines for activities.

Adjustable Desks

Healthier Back and Hips

Medical technology is more advanced today than it ever has been before even then people are experiencing back and hip problems more today than ever before. What's the reason here? The primary culprit according to researchers is prolonged sitting, especially with poor posture. Even your boss might be feeling some of these discomforts. And with that, they would know exactly how distracting this can be from getting things done at work.

Return on Investment

All businesses measure money well-spent when the return on investment produces benefits. The cost of a standing desk can actually offset its cost over time according to recent studies. It will be more than worth it in a surprisingly short amount of time even if the cost of a standing desk seems off-putting in the beginning.

Feel More Energized and Fresh

Don't you know that boost of energy you feel after working out? You also feel sharp and alert. When you are fidgeting and standing while at work, similar things happen. During the day between 2pm and 4pm there's a gray zone where work output is minimized due to fatigue. Some people rely on coffee to power through while the rest just let the fatigue get the best of them. In sometime, 4pm is rolling around and you still haven’t finished your work. You work like mad through the last hour or two of work to get it done and then arrive at home exhausted from work. It helps you redeem this gray zone between 2pm and 4pm without overconsumption of coffee or lack of productivity due to fatigue when you keep standing up in intervals.

The Bottom-line

It is critical to focus on the benefits to the company first if you’re trying to convince your employer to invest in a standing desk. Using the effect on productivity and employee engagement to support your ideas can help. The leadership will be more likely to consider your request once you’ve demonstrated that you care about the success of the company.

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