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What is Silicon Valley Syndrome & How Can it Be Prevented Using Standing Desk?

There was a time when Silicon Valley was booming with technical jobs. A lot of large companies had established there and professionals were making the big shift to the Valley. The only downfall of it was Silicon Valley Syndrome. There was growth, employment opportunities, and hefty pay packages but there was a huge negative side to it. Also known as the Computer Posture, the syndrome had a negative impact on the health of professionals.

Wherever you look, whichever state you were in, you saw people struggling with their posture because of their office jobs. Common symptoms include tight shoulders and stiff neck with a strong pain going down the spine. It got slightly easier during the weekend but Monday brought the pain back. Sitting at the desk for long hours can lead to an increase in the risk of diabetes and obesity. Many Americans cut back on technology when they noticed these symptoms. A lot of professionals were under medication to treat this condition. Medical professionals state that this syndrome can be dealt with by exercising for more than 150 minutes every week.

How to prevent the syndrome?

The easiest way to prevent Silicon Valley Syndrome is by using a standing desk. The desk is light in weight and is easy to assemble. Considering the long term impact of sitting at the desk all day, a lot of professionals are moving towards standing desks. It will certainly help improve the posture and will prevent back and neck ache. Besides an improvement in your physical health, you will also notice that your productivity has increased. Standing desks help concentrate on work and increase efficiency. You will be able to move around frequently, change your posture, and stretch out your legs and arms with ease. You will soon notice that you are no longer hunching.

Standing on the desk helps burn calories and will prevent neck and back pain. It will also help individuals who find it hard to focus. When you stand at the desk, you are more focused on work, and creative juices flow with ease. You will see an improvement in productivity in no time. Additionally, standing desks help improve your mental health. You will be able to avoid stress and anxiety.

Sitting at the desk for 8 hours can be as harmful as smoking and Silicon Valley syndrome has proved that several professionals had to undergo medical treatment due to lower back pain. In order to avoid this situation, it is time you shift to a standing desk. The desk is height adjustable which means you can set it up as per your height and ensure that your wrists do not pain. The monitor should be at the eye level and you need to be able to comfortably stand. It might not be easy to make the move and it will take time to get used to it. But the long-term benefits make it worth the effort. It is high time you prioritize your health.

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