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What Questions Do People Ask Most About Standing Desks?

Having worked remotely for more than a year, we have realized the importance of standing desks. It is one of the most needed items at home or office. Sitting for long hours in the same position can lead to adverse health conditions. One of the most common discomforts is back pain and it remains an unavoidable health problem that almost all employees face at some point of time in their working life.

There are several benefits of standing desks but there is not much awareness of the same. Users have numerous questions about height-adjustable sit-stand desks and we try to answer them for you to give you an idea about the desks and allow you to make the most of them.

What is the ideal time to stand at a standing desk?

A lot of people recommend standing at the desk for 15 minutes every hour. You should start small and then increase the amount of time you stand. You can get maximum benefit by standing for 30 minutes in an hour but start with 15 minutes until you get used to it. Some experts also recommend standing for 45 minutes in an hour for the 8-hour workday. It will help make the most of the health benefits offered by a standing desk. Consider your height and weight to calculate the standing time. This will help avoid any problems associated with standing or sitting. Anything in excess is harmful to your health, so do not push yourself beyond your capacity.

Do standing desks really benefit you?

If you are used to sitting at the desk for long hours, it will lead to an increase in the risk of various health problems including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. The body remains static and it will disturb the circulation of blood. Studies have shown that moving and standing can help avoid the risk factors associated with your health. The standing desk will keep you healthy and active but it must be used properly. You must remember to change the working position a few times a day and take breaks regularly for it to benefit you.

How can a standing desk help you?

The standing desk will help you in several ways. You can either sit or stand at the desk when working. But it is best to sit for shorter periods and remain more active. Prolonged sitting will lead to a bad posture and can cause various health problems like neck pain, back pain, and additional health issues. Using a standing desk can improve your standing and sitting posture and will also allow you to avoid different health problems that you may face due to prolonged sitting. In the long term, the standing desk does help improve your health and productivity but you need to take it slow.

Will the standing desk reduce my belly fat?

Studies show that standing for more than 6 hours a day will help prevent weight gain and could help shed a few pounds. When you stand instead of sitting, you burn more calories. It will improve muscle activity and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. If you want to reduce belly fat, you must take additional measures like reducing sugar intake, consuming more whole-grain foods, and exercising regularly. Besides using a standing desk, these measures will help reduce belly fat.

Can standing desks reduce back pain?

Using a standing desk can help reduce back pain and improve posture. When standing, you can maintain a better posture which will reduce the shoulder, neck, and back pain. However, you need to pay attention to the sitting posture to get the benefits. Always sit upright and in a comfortable position at the desk. Your knees must touch the floor and they should be bent at a 90-degree level. Consider using lumbar support to maintain the curve of your spine.

Should I stand or sit while working?

A lot of us have a habit of sitting on the desk but standing will help burn a lot more calories per minute than sitting. It is not possible to stand all day and it can cause pain in the legs as well as other health issues. Hence, it is best to combine sitting and standing. Consider your BMI and then calculate the sitting and standing time while you work.

Will standing harm my knees?

If you stand for long hours, it can put stress on the knees, legs, and the lower back. Additionally, it can also cause various health problems like joint damage and varicose veins. Hence, standing all day can be harmful to the feet, joints, and ligaments. This is why it is important to switch between sitting and standing. Do not do excess of anything.

Can I cross my legs when sitting?

Crossing legs when sitting can lead to bad posture and will cause health problems that are related to physical discomforts when working. Always keep the feet flat on the ground and use accessories if needed.

These are a few of the common questions related to standing desks that most people have. If you want to make the most of the health benefits of the desk, it is important to choose the right desk and learn to use it properly. It will be a great addition to the office and will help improve your productivity and wellbeing. It is best to opt for a height-adjustable desk that keeps you active at work and will allow you to ease into standing.

When you have the right posture, your work quality improves and it will have a long-term effect on your health. You will be able to get rid of back and neck pain while improving your posture. Everyone has different health needs and to get the best results, you need to consider the standing time based on the BMI. Improve your health while you work and enhance your productivity and creativity every single day.

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