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Why Creative People Should Consider Buying a Standing Desk

Sitting all day long or all week long or all year long is just cutting years away from your life and raising your scopes of unwanted health problems appearing in your life. But it should not be this way. Switching yourself to a standing desk is an amazing way to work more creatively and productively, enjoy your work for long time, and avoid stress.

Let us share some considerations on why creative people must purchase a standing desk!

A standing desk helps increase concentration and engagement

Standing supplies blood around your body and to the brain, hence enhancing your brain’s functionality. When you sit for longer, everything appears to detain, incorporating your brain. People who use standing desks feel more concentrated and engaged in works than when they sit on a chair or bent over a laptop.

Helps boost enthusiasm that can lead to better ideas

Sometimes the first transformation people observe when they begin using a standing desk is that they have more energy. The standing desk offers you an energy boost as tea or coffee does. Maximum people find that they get more energy when they use their standing desks more frequently for completing tasks. According to studies, people who increase their standing by up to 60-90 minutes are more active and feel more energized than people who use traditional desks, while not sacrificing their work outcomes.

Famous people used standing desks

The idea of standing while working is not a modern concept at all. In fact, people have been utilizing standing desks in office spaces for more than 150 years. From artists and authors to famous politicians, standing desks have been found in the workspaces and houses of many popular people, incorporating:

  • Charles Dickens
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Spike Lee
  • Winston Churchill
  • Lewis Carroll
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Leonardo da Vinci

Standing desk improves your posture

Workers in office spaces who spend maximum times of their day sitting often experience back pain. However, numerous studies have showcased that using a standing desk can amazingly reduce back pain related to sitting down for a long time and improve your posture.

Standing promotes blood flow

When you sit at your desk day after day or month after month or we can say, year after year, you become vulnerable to the unproductive blood circulation that can cause dreaded blood clots. However, if you choose a standing desk, you will find your body in a perpetual condition of movement that diminishes the scopes of blood circulatory issues, which gives you a more productive and longer life.


Thereby, aside from increasing circulation to the body and the brain and getting your blood pumping, standing up gives your creativity a boost. An increased blood flow means you can think more creatively. More workspaces find that avoiding chairs causes better creativity during team meetings and brainstorming sessions. Hence, if an easy change in your life can cause huge benefits in your ingenuity and resourcefulness you must be ready to make it.

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