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Why Top-level management is ditching traditional tables and are opting for electric height adjustable table.

Working in an office needs an employee to sit 8 hours a day in front of computers which turns to be exhaustive. The body becomes older by the time and the long office hours becomes intolerable. All you need is a tailored furniture solution for yourself to meet your physical needs. The electric height adjustable tables increase the productivity of the employee by making them active throughout the day. This is the reason that all top-level management has been ditching traditional tables and are opting for electric height adjustable table.

The employees can soon start feeling energized and focused during their work hour rather than being wrecked. The working work is evolving to be more versed in ergonomics. People associated with this desk has already seen positive effects within themselves. The employees can choose when to sit or stand and how to control their flow in the various task. Some might provide better focus on work while they are on their feet.  The movement of muscles also results in the fresh pump of blood which releases mood-enhancing chemicals. It is an easy process to convert the sitting desk to a standing desk with just one click. The best way to place it would be in the centre so that the employee could be close to the team which also helps in maintaining a good communication skill with each other and the team remains motivated.

The companies who have great care for their employees have already adopted this adjustable desk but this doesn't mean that the employees need to stand all the time. You can convert it into a traditional desk with just one click to experience best of both the world. It has been found in research that there has been 75% the decrease in discomfort and a 32% lower risk of early death over the six-month usage of standing work desk. Standing allows for multi-tasking and creates a sense of urgency whereas sitting leads to distraction like checking messages and surfing the internet. Standing also stabilizes the energy level and avoids sluggishness in the afternoon. It can lower serious health issues like cancer and while boosting your metabolism and also tones your muscle which reduces common aches.

Aches occur due to unused weak muscles which makes the joint unstable and prone to injuries. Standing enlists the muscle with the vestibular system which helps in controlling balance and lower the risks of osteoporosis. This happens because our body has been designed to stand and seating continuously for long hours could be stressful causing body pain and herniated discs. Bones are tended to be moved regularly which is only possible with the help of low-level activities. By choosing to stand we can incur too many health benefits. Moving helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the brain by improving the blood flow. It also burns the fats and activated enzymes. Even there exists a significant correlation between Type 2 diabetes  due to high sedentary time which makes  unstable to manage the insulin level.

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